Newborn baby shopping list

Expecting a baby? Here is the ultimate newborn baby shopping list — or at least items I bought:



Bath/General Care


infant rockerPlay


  • kimono shirts that he wore until the belly button healed. Then we switched to onesies. 0-3M
  • 10 onesies 0-3M. I bought green and white
  • 5 footed overalls in 0-3M
  • 4 swaddling blankets
  • 2 hats


We live in San Francisco (think hilly narrow streets, not ideal for big strollers), and do not own a car (so car seat wasn’t top of my list, I was happy with the cheapest out there). I’m happy with my decision so far and it fits my lifestyle well. The car seat is rarely used, we rent a car for doctor’s visits and that’s about it. stroller

Hospital Bag

  • nursing bra (or two). Breastfeeding for the first time resulted in major nipple soreness. PJ’s or any clothing rubbing against sensitive skin was just not bearable.
  • nipple cream (Lanolin) to apply before showering or after breastfeeding if colostrum alone isn’t helping with the soreness
  • plastic flip flops
  • lagest pads I can find (like purple Always)
  • lip balm
  • toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, facial cleanser and moisturizer, deodorant, hairbrush and hair elastics/clips.
  • shampoo is optional. They had baby shampoo at the hospital and that was fine for the short period I was there.
  • an outfit to go home in (leggings and a tunic)
  • an outfit to bring baby home in (onesie, footer PJs, warm blanket). He got to keep his hospital hat, so no need to bring one.
  • cell phone charger
  • camera(s)

Things I brought to the hospital, but didn’t need:

  • disposable underwear. I purchased the cheapest granny panties from Walgreens that I was going to toss out after use. Didn’t end up needing them as my hospital provided me with disposable undies.
  • PJ’s. I ended up wearing two hospital gowns (one backwards over the other) at all times during my stay. It was really the easiest thing to throw on and off. With all the breastfeeding and doctor checkups, having to fiddle around with regular clothing would have been too much trouble.
I was told that some women like to bring a book or DVD’s to pass time. Time was flying pretty fast for me, so there wasn’t any need for those. Plus there was no way I could have concentrated on a book, there was just so much going on.
I was also told to bring snacks as hospital only provided main meals. I didn’t have much of an apetite or need to snack with all the excitement going on, and hospital meals came in generous portions that kept me full and happy.

20 thoughts on “Newborn baby shopping list

  1. Did you pack anything in particular for labour? I’ve been told to pack a small fan, tennis balls for massage , music etc.


    1. I didn’t bring any of those and honestly didn’t think I needed them while in labour. My hospital had a rocking chair, gym ball, tub with jets… but I found the best relief just being in the washroom by myself and sitting on the toilet during contractions.


  2. Thank you so much for this list! I have been looking for a good nursing bra brand and I am going to check out the one you have suggested 🙂 Also, to add on your list, you can get good baby products from . That’s where I got my car seat for my kid!


  3. What an impressive list! Thanks for putting it together. What do you think of cloth nappies? I’m thinking of using them but would love your opinion please? Thanks, Jodie


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