Newborn crib and bedding essentials

“The books” say newborns sleep a lot — 16 to 20 hrs a day, on average. So I figured if my baby was going to spend most of his day in the crib, I wanted that to be a comfortable and safe environment that didn’t cost me a fortune. I went crazy researching cribs and bedding that’s organic, non-toxic, natural, all that jazz… My initial list had an Oeuf Sparrow crib, that retails for $730. Plus an organic mattress, organic mattress protector, organic bed sheet… I was looking at well over 1K for baby’s crib and bedding at that point. Eek.

Further research paid off! Turned out the most unsuspecting place, IKEA, sells solid wood non toxic cribs for only $129 (Gulliver crib). Online reviews looked promising, but I was still skeptical, not being an IKEA fan myself. I went to check it out in person, which resulted in my firm approval of the crib. It was sturdy, and the minimalistic design was exactly what I had in mind. I purchased the crib and matching changing table that same day. I also purchased an IKEA crib mattress.

As for the rest of the bedding, I ended up purchasing bedding on Amazon. It was just the most convenient thing to do, especially as there are no big box stores in San Francisco and I was too lazy to rent a car and go to Babies R Us or Target in Oakland. Here’s the complete list:

Lazar’s crib

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