Clothes for a newborn

Having never been around small babies, I honestly had no clue what clothing I needed to buy for my newborn. I sure asked fellow moms and googled this a lot and, as always, there wasn’t a single answer. I ended up purchasing the following items, and those worked out pretty well for San Francisco climate (spring-like year round). I do wash baby’s laundry every other day, so I might have needed more if I washed less frequently.

  • 5 kimono shirts that he wore until the belly button healed. Then we switched to onesies. 0-3M
  • 10 onesies 0-3M. I bought green and white
  • 5 footed overalls in 0-3M
  • swaddling blankets
  • 2 hats

I skipped the newborn size. Lazar was born weighing 8lbs 11.5oz. We upgraded to 3-6M size at 7 weeks.

I’ve also gotten a lot of clothing gifts that I sadly never used. Things like pants, shirts, socks, etc. It’s really hard to put those on a newborn, and makes changing diapers tricky.

Basically my newborn always has a onesie under his footed overalls. He stopped wearing a hat when he was 6 days old. During naptime and at night I swaddle him and put a blanket over the swaddle, if it’s cold.

He has a pair or fleece pants and a hoodie that he wears when we go outside (if it feels chilly). He started wearing those at 6 weeks old. Prior to that, I just wrapped him up in a warm blanket and put him in a stroller like that.

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