What’s in my diaper bag?

my diaper bag
  1. I’m using my Coach Poppy tote that dates back to my student days. I actually purchased a proper diaper bag, but hated the look and returned it. This tote functions just fine for now.
  2. Hair elastic and clip, because nursing or changing diapers with my hair down can get messy, having such long hair.
  3. At least a dozen wet wipes in a travel size container. Also 4 diapers.
  4. Several disposable (and compostable!) diaper bags. I use Green N Pack.
  5. Skip Hop portable changing pad, $26
  6. Change of clothes: hat, onesie, footed PJ’s, washcloth.
  7. Soothie Pacifier, $4, and Pacifier Holder, $5. We don’t use a pacifier at home. However, a pacifier comes in handy when he starts crying at the doctor’s office, or while in line at the grocery store.
  8. Hand sanitizer and some Kleenex.

One thought on “What’s in my diaper bag?

  1. Would you go for a diaper bag with a shoulder strap or one in backpack design? A lot of the designs that are coming out in the market are in backpack design which is more convenient for any parent. With a backpack diaper bag, you have both hands free to take care of your baby and carry other stuff.^*

    With best regards


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