Newborn bath time essentials

As recommended by our doctor, we waited until the umbilical cord stump fell of and the belly button area completely healed before giving Lazar his first bath. Until then we gave him sponge baths twice a week, and washed his bottom, hands and face every evening (with cloths and water, no soap). He was about 3 weeks old when we gave him a full bath, and he LOVED it. He had this frozen look on this face, I don’t think he took more than two breaths the entire time :). He likes his baths the same now, he never fusses and seems really happy while bathing. Yay, hope that lasts!

To prepare for the first bath, I watched this video on youtube several times, and pretty much followed what I saw there. I only use a pea sized amount of baby shampoo to wash his hair. The rest of his body I wash with just water, for now. I don’t use any lotions.

I purchased the following bath time essentials for my newborn:

*Comments: wish the towels were a bit softer. Maybe it’s my fault for washing them on hottest setting the first time…

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