Swaddling a newborn

Lazar, 1 week old

I don’t know if I’m a huge swaddling fan. It supposedly makes the baby feel like they’re “back in the womb” and helps them sleep longer. I haven’t really noticed any differences with my baby, he seems to sleep just the same swaddled or not. Mind you, he sleeps on his side or tummy, so those jolts don’t startle him as much as they would if he were on his back. More on sleeping positions in another post.

Where swaddling does help is getting him to fall asleep. I can rock him to sleep without his arms flying all over the place in protest. I didn’t really time it, but I have an impression that he indeed does fall asleep faster when swaddled.

I tried 3 different swaddling blankets until I found one that worked well for me and my baby:

  • aden + anais 4 Pack Muslin Swaddle Wrap, $32. Could be that I never really mastered a perfect swaddling technique, but these just didn’t work for us. The material is a little stretchy so Lazar always wiggled his way out of it. It was a matter of seconds before his little hands were free (see pic above). I still use these wraps a lot though: as blankets during play and sleep, to cover the stroller and shield him from sunlight, to cover up while nursing in public…
  • I received Gagou Tagou PJ’s and a receiving blanket set from my parents (you can get these at The Bay in Canada). I wish I could buy this whole collection, it’s adorable and they use good quality cotton. Swaddling Lazar in this blanket kept him swaddled for long, but since the material is a bit thick, tucking in all the corners can be hard. This blanket is great for tummy time.
  • My husband found these Summer Infant SwaddleMe on Amazon, $20 for 3-pack – it’s like a bag with velcro flaps that keeps your baby swaddled for good. I use these on daily basis and I’m happy with them. Don’t think I’ll be purchasing one size up though… Lazar’s 7 weeks now and it might be time to slowly start letting him (and me) used to sleeping without being swaddled.

3 thoughts on “Swaddling a newborn

  1. Great info! I bought 5 muslin swaddling blankets, 3 receiving blankets and 3 swaddle me wraps. How often do you rotate them in a week? Im not sure if I bought too much or too little!


    1. The most they last before he spits on them or diaper leaks is 3 days. But sometimes we change 2 in a single day… Looks like you have plenty, should be fine.


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