Baby basics shopping list

I was lucky to have had a baby shopping list passed to me by a friend. It saved me a lot of time as I was pretty clueless about what I needed to buy before the baby arrived. I modified that list a bit and included links to actual items I purchased. This list lives as a new page on my blog and you can easily find it in the header and share with your pregnant girlfriends. Also, I’d love to hear your suggestions on how the list can be improved. Check it out here!

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Shopping list: feeding the baby

List of items I bought related to feeding (my baby’s exclusively breastfed):


Clothes for a newborn

Having never been around small babies, I honestly had no clue what clothing I needed to buy for my newborn. I sure asked fellow moms and googled this a lot and, as always, there wasn’t a single answer. I ended up purchasing the following items, and those worked out pretty well for San Francisco climate (spring-like year round). I do wash baby’s laundry every other day, so I might have needed more if I washed less frequently.

  • 5 kimono shirts that he wore until the belly button healed. Then we switched to onesies. 0-3M
  • 10 onesies 0-3M. I bought green and white
  • 5 footed overalls in 0-3M
  • swaddling blankets
  • 2 hats

I skipped the newborn size. Lazar was born weighing 8lbs 11.5oz. We upgraded to 3-6M size at 7 weeks.

I’ve also gotten a lot of clothing gifts that I sadly never used. Things like pants, shirts, socks, etc. It’s really hard to put those on a newborn, and makes changing diapers tricky.

Basically my newborn always has a onesie under his footed overalls. He stopped wearing a hat when he was 6 days old. During naptime and at night I swaddle him and put a blanket over the swaddle, if it’s cold.

He has a pair or fleece pants and a hoodie that he wears when we go outside (if it feels chilly). He started wearing those at 6 weeks old. Prior to that, I just wrapped him up in a warm blanket and put him in a stroller like that.

Cute baby things I bought on Etsy

Etsy is my go-to place for one-of-a-kind furniture, home decor, jewelry… anything. So surely when the nesting phase hit, few baby Etsy transactions were made.

The cutest little wool booties! I bought several pairs as gifts for my mommy friends as well. They are adorable, I wanted one in every colour! Prices vary but she will give you a discount if you buy more. Etsy store here.

I wanted decals for the nursery, and after much research and pondering, I decided to stay away from themes such as “nautical” or “safari” as I figured baby would outgrow them soon and we’d all be tired of staring at the same giraffe every day 🙂 I opted for a more serious chevron pattern, but picked a fun bright yellow that goes well with the rest of the nursery. They sell for $38 each, I needed 3 pieces for my wall. Application was easy but took 2hrs (might take you less, I was dealing with wrist pain at the time).

Can’t get enough of yellow chevrons 🙂 We use this blanket in the stroller (on chilly days), and for tummy time at home. Minky side still looks good after it’s been washed a few times. $32 on Etsy here.

This wooden toy car set ($32) can also be used as a teether. Not to mention it looks really cute as a decoration up on a shelf. The cars give off that nostalgic vibe, and I’m sure we’ll keep them around for a long time.

And lastly, two rustic shelves ($95), one in pale yellow, one in blue. They are a bit on the heavy side, but compliment the rest of the nursery well.

I’m always on the lookout for more cute baby things, so let me know if you find any 🙂

What’s in my diaper bag?

my diaper bag
  1. I’m using my Coach Poppy tote that dates back to my student days. I actually purchased a proper diaper bag, but hated the look and returned it. This tote functions just fine for now.
  2. Hair elastic and clip, because nursing or changing diapers with my hair down can get messy, having such long hair.
  3. At least a dozen wet wipes in a travel size container. Also 4 diapers.
  4. Several disposable (and compostable!) diaper bags. I use Green N Pack.
  5. Skip Hop portable changing pad, $26
  6. Change of clothes: hat, onesie, footed PJ’s, washcloth.
  7. Soothie Pacifier, $4, and Pacifier Holder, $5. We don’t use a pacifier at home. However, a pacifier comes in handy when he starts crying at the doctor’s office, or while in line at the grocery store.
  8. Hand sanitizer and some Kleenex.

Swaddling a newborn

Lazar, 1 week old

I don’t know if I’m a huge swaddling fan. It supposedly makes the baby feel like they’re “back in the womb” and helps them sleep longer. I haven’t really noticed any differences with my baby, he seems to sleep just the same swaddled or not. Mind you, he sleeps on his side or tummy, so those jolts don’t startle him as much as they would if he were on his back. More on sleeping positions in another post.

Where swaddling does help is getting him to fall asleep. I can rock him to sleep without his arms flying all over the place in protest. I didn’t really time it, but I have an impression that he indeed does fall asleep faster when swaddled.

I tried 3 different swaddling blankets until I found one that worked well for me and my baby:

  • aden + anais 4 Pack Muslin Swaddle Wrap, $32. Could be that I never really mastered a perfect swaddling technique, but these just didn’t work for us. The material is a little stretchy so Lazar always wiggled his way out of it. It was a matter of seconds before his little hands were free (see pic above). I still use these wraps a lot though: as blankets during play and sleep, to cover the stroller and shield him from sunlight, to cover up while nursing in public…
  • I received Gagou Tagou PJ’s and a receiving blanket set from my parents (you can get these at The Bay in Canada). I wish I could buy this whole collection, it’s adorable and they use good quality cotton. Swaddling Lazar in this blanket kept him swaddled for long, but since the material is a bit thick, tucking in all the corners can be hard. This blanket is great for tummy time.
  • My husband found these Summer Infant SwaddleMe on Amazon, $20 for 3-pack – it’s like a bag with velcro flaps that keeps your baby swaddled for good. I use these on daily basis and I’m happy with them. Don’t think I’ll be purchasing one size up though… Lazar’s 7 weeks now and it might be time to slowly start letting him (and me) used to sleeping without being swaddled.

Newborn diapering needs

Lazar, 1 month old

I was so nervous because I’ve never changed a diaper. But then I became an expert in 2.5 days. Given that I changed about 12 diapers a day, I quickly got a hang of it.

I never really considered using cloth diapers. It always seemed like a big chore, and I wasn’t sure how demanding being a mom would be. So disposable diapers it was from the start. I gave the following a try:

  • Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive Diapers– great absorbency, and I really liked the wetness indicator. Only after using diapers without one I actually realized it was a double edged sword: I ended up changing diapers way more often that I should have (like every hour, or as soon as I saw a smallest blue dot).
  • Honest lumberjack diapers – they feel a little rough, ok absorbency, no wetness indicator. They are non-toxic natural diapers. I bought a bunch on Gilt for a discount, so keep an eye there as they might be back. If you sign up for Gilt via this link, you should get $25 in your account.
  • Seventh Generation Free & Clear Diapers– similar to my review for Honest.
  • Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers– I had really bad experience with these. They leaked several times, flaps tore off as I was putting the diaper on, or they wouldn’t stick at all. It might have been a “bad batch” or else I’m not sure how this company’s still in business. I haven’t given them another chance just yet.

How many diapers do I need and what size? I purchased a single pack of about 80 in newborn size for starters. By the time we used those up, Lazar was ready to move on to size 1. (note, he was born weighing 8lbs 11.5oz.)

What about diaper rash? Yes, soon enough I was googling that :/ The good news is that diaper rash usually goes away in a day or two. I just wash the baby’s bottom with water and let him be diaper free for a few minutes to make sure the area’s completely dry. I apply a small amount of California Baby Diaper Rash Cream.I actually found it that it heals fast without the cream, too, if you give the bottom enough air-time.

Oh, right, I forgot about wipes! I used both Seventh Generation and Honest (I wanted natural wipes without any harsh chemicals). I liked both just the same. How many wipes? I use 2 for pee-pee diapers and 5-6 for poo-poo, so do the math.

And finally, to dispose of dirty diapers, I use Green N Pack compostable bags and toss them in household trash. My baby’s exclusively breastfed so his diapers don’t have a strong smell yet. I also didn’t like the look of diaper genies, and don’t know if I’ll ever be getting one in the future. I might change my mind once he starts eating solids 🙂